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Tim Burgess, President

Shelby Breckenridge,

R1320 is a club of more than 200 members, with at least two things in common, the same employer in Tucson, AZ and a mutual interest in drag racing and cars.  Our vehicles of choice range from a turbo-charged inline 6-cylinder Falcon who has had multiple magazine articles published about it, to a brand new Shelby GT-500 Mustang

Next Event October 18th - Gates open at 8A

R1320's September 13, 2014 Race Results

Kudos to Drew & Carl Mapes
Congratulations are in order for one of our R1320 racers, Drew Mapes, who, while at Wild Horse Pass this last weekend, received a trophy for runner-up in the National Dragster Challenge!  Racing began at 6 p.m. on Saturday the 13th and continued on until 4:30 a.m. on the 14th!  Luckily, this gave Drew enough points to qualify for the Race of Champions at Famoso Raceway in California, where he and dad, Carl Mapes, are competing in the NHRA ET Finals September 18th - 21st.  Congratulations to Drew and good luck to you and Carl at the ET Finals!

Next Race Event
Our next bracket race event is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th @ 8 am @ SIR - hope to see you out there!

Last Race Event Results
Sept. 13th's R1320 event started off a little strangely.  Shelby Breckenridge, the club's VP, arrived at the track about 20 minutes after the gates opened and not only were there no racers in line at the gate to get in, there were NO R1320 racers there either!  Luckily, shortly after Shelby arrived, Clement De Large arrived.  Both of them were a little baffled as usually we have several racers changing tires and prepping to go to tech by the time Shelby arrives.  As Shelby and Clement stood around trying to decide what to do if no one else showed up, another R1320 racer met up with us; Steve Miller and his friend, Amanda, on his motorcycle.  Unfortunately, Steve didn't have all of the required safety equipment in order to race, so he took a rain check for the next event. Then a few more trickled in, Phil Rios, with friend Noel Graham, who was visiting from Sidney, Australia, Jeff Wright, Clayton and Jody Jensen, Jamal Brewer, Anthony and Gina Lopez, and Willie and Kateland Weissman.

So, on top of the late arrival of some of the racers, we were delayed in the staging lanes for a short clean up on the track before our first test pass that we were called up for, and then, as we pulled around the staging lanes for our second test pass, we were held up again as one of the dragsters had a brake and parachute failure which caused him to run off the end of the track - completely through the sand trap AND the catch net,  finally coming to rest in the desert beyond.  Unfortunately this was not a quick fix and we all pulled out of the staging lanes and back into the pits to wait for the retrieval of the dragster and the repair of the catch net.  Luckily, the driver was uninjured, but the dragster was a mangled mess.

Since the track catch net repair was expected to take an hour and a half to two hours, racer Kateland Weissman and dad, Willie, decided not to wait around, and the remaining R1320 racers took a vote and decided to wait it out.  Just about the time that we had taken the vote, it had been nearly an hour, the track reopened, and we were called up for our second test pass with the first elimination round in quick succession.  At that point we had an odd number of racers, so as always, the person with the best reaction time in the previous round earns the solo "bye" run, which was Jamal Brewer.

Bracket Race Results
Round 1
Jamal Brewer - Bye
Clayton Jensen vs Jeff Wright
Shelby Breckenridge vs Clement De Large
Phil Rios vs Tony Lopez

Semi Finals
Jamal Brewer vs Jeff Wright
Clement De Large vs Phil Rios

Jeff Wright vs Phil Rios

Congratulations to Phil Rios on his first place finish, and to runner up, Jeff Wright!

Current Points Standing



R1320's June 2014 Race Event

It's a heck of a way to start a race event....get the car out of the trailer just to see that the alternator light is on, and chances are you won't be able to run rounds on just battery power!  That's how Shelby Breckenridge started the evening.  Everyone else was up and ready to go when the first round of qualifying runs was called at 6P.  It was hot, but by the 3rd qualifying round the sun had gone down and  the air was nasty, with a virtual altitude of 6600 feet causing every car to run slower than normal.

Jody Jensen had made her awesome hot dogs in hot sauce so all racers and crews were chowing down and rejuvenating. We were missing a good portion of our regular racers, Clement deLarge, Kevin Hartnett, Angie Brown and Joe Basham, but we had a couple of the newer crew, Kateland Weissman and Anthony.


Win big (kidding!) if you can identify this car!

I forgot my notes in my trailer at the track, so I'm not sure these results are correct.  Stay tuned for updates!

Rd 1

Tim Burgess - Bye

Shelby Breckenridge vs Clayton Jensen

Anthony vs Phil Rios

Jamal Brewer vs Kateland Weissman



Tim Burges vs Clayton Jensen

 Phil Rios vs Jamal Brewer



Phil Rios vs Clayton Jensen with Phil for the WIN!