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Tim Burgess, President

Carl Mapes
Acting President

Shelby Breckenridge,

R1320 is a club of more than 200 members, with at least two things in common, the same employer in Tucson, AZ and a mutual interest in drag racing and cars.  Our vehicles of choice range from a turbo-charged inline 6-cylinder Falcon who has had multiple magazine articles published about it, to a brand new Shelby GT-500 Mustang

Next Race June 20th!

R1320 Race Results 30 May 2015

SWIR is now running the summer racing schedule, meaning racing will be in the evening as the temperatures are cooler.
It was a great turn out for the R1320 club. There were 12 racers and their supporters.

It was hot in town but the weather was much cooler at the track. The temperatures were in the high eighties for most of the evening. Which translated to an equivalent air density of 5862 ft.

The gates opened at 6pm and R1320 made their first qualifying run down the track at approx. 7pm. The track seemed anxious to get all of the racing done by 11pm therefore R1320 was being called up to the lanes with only a half hour between both of the qualifying  rounds and the elimination rounds. That's a bit quicker than normal and doesn't give the cars a chance for the engines to cool down much.

The R1320 racers present were; Carl Mapes, Drew Mapes, Clement De Large, Kevin Hartnett, Phil Rios, Clayton Jensen, Dana Thompson, Sarir Khamsi, Jamal Brewer. JJ Keomanivong , Anthony and Mike Sunday. All of the racers made it through tech and at least a single qualifying round. Mike Sunday had to bow out after his first qualifying round due to a power steering leak. With Mike out of the running, we now had an odd number of racers, and we implemented the bye run clause where if there are an odd number of racers, the racer with the best reaction time during the qualifying rounds would be ensured a first round lone pass and guaranteed win. The two best reaction times were very close with Drew Mapes having the best reaction time of .021 seconds, beating out Phil Rios who had a .026 reaction time.

After the smoke cleared from the qualifying and elimination burnouts, it was Clement De Large getting the overall event win with Kevin Hartnett as the runner up.
There was also a SWIR Gambler race that was run after the R1320 finished their club racing and it was Drew Mapes who was the overall Gambler winner.

Congratulations to Clement DeLarge with the R1320 win and Kevin Hartnett as the R1320 runner up.


Round 1
Drew - bye
Kevin vs Anthony
Jamal vs JJ
Phil vs Dana
Clement vs Clayton
Carl vs Sarir ( on his 11 second motorcycle)

Round 2
 Drew vs Kevin
Jamal vs Phil
Clement vs Sarir

 Semi Finals
 Kevin vs Jamal
 Clement with the Buy

Kevin vs Clement



R1320 Race Report 21 March 2015

It was a day of wonder, joy and great weather.

Phil Rios' joy was being the number 1 qualifier with a perfect reaction time of .000.  Kelly McLearran’s turbo inline six cylinder, which was running in the 10's was a wonder and a joy to watch. The darn thing sounds like a jet fighter going down the track!  8 Racers showed up for the chance to go home with either the winner trophy or the runner-up trophy, and those that turned out for the R1320 event where rewarded with the culinary joy of  meatball sandwiches, drinks and chips provided by Clayton & Jody Jensen and Anthony & Gina Lopez. We are also proud to announce that Jamal Brewer didn't break a single part this race!

But after the burnouts, the tire smoke and 3 rounds of elimination it was Drew Mapes who took home the First Place trophy and Clayton Jensen won Runner-Up.

Round 1:
Phil Rios vs Kelly McLearran
Kevin Hartnett vs Clayton Jensen
Carl Mapes vs Anthony Lopez
Drew Mapes vs Jamal Brewer

Semi Finals:
Kelly McLearran vs Clayton Jensen
Carl Mapes vs Drew Mapes

Clayton Jensen vs Drew Mapes

Congratulations to the Winner Drew Mapes and Runner Up Clayton Jensen