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Tim Burgess, President

Shelby Breckenridge,

R1320 is a club of more than 200 members, with at least two things in common, the same employer in Tucson, AZ and a mutual interest in drag racing and cars.  Our vehicles of choice range from a turbo-charged inline 6-cylinder Falcon who has had multiple magazine articles published about it, to a brand new Shelby GT-500 Mustang

Next Event August 9 - Gates open at 6P

R1320's June 2014 Race Event

It's a heck of a way to start a race event....get the car out of the trailer just to see that the alternator light is on, and chances are you won't be able to run rounds on just battery power!  That's how Shelby Breckenridge started the evening.  Everyone else was up and ready to go when the first round of qualifying runs was called at 6P.  It was hot, but by the 3rd qualifying round the sun had gone down and  the air was nasty, with a virtual altitude of 6600 feet causing every car to run slower than normal.

Jody Jensen had made her awesome hot dogs in hot sauce so all racers and crews were chowing down and rejuvenating. We were missing a good portion of our regular racers, Clement deLarge, Kevin Hartnett, Angie Brown and Joe Basham, but we had a couple of the newer crew, Kateland Weissman and Anthony.


Win big (kidding!) if you can identify this car!

I forgot my notes in my trailer at the track, so I'm not sure these results are correct.  Stay tuned for updates!

Rd 1

Tim Burgess - Bye

Shelby Breckenridge vs Clayton Jensen

Anthony vs Phil Rios

Jamal Brewer vs Kateland Weissman



Tim Burges vs Clayton Jensen

 Phil Rios vs Jamal Brewer



Phil Rios vs Clayton Jensen with Phil for the WIN!



Race Results for 5/10/14

May 10th was R1320's 4th race of the year, and though it was a blustery evening, it wouldn't keep the racers from running at all. In the beginning we had 8 racers ready to compete, but during the time trials, Joe Basham broke a rear axle and had to have a flatbed come and pick up the car, so he was out of the competition. Jamal Brewer blew a brake booster twice during the evening, once getting on the freeway to the track, and during a race. He also tried a new tune which takes some getting used to.  Angie Brown's friends Jake and Dianna Williams came out to watch and cheer her on, as did Anna and Lalo Tejeda. Angie ran with a new tranny and was finally able to break the 100 mph barrier a couple of times!

That broken axle left us with an uneven number of cars, in which case the driver, Clement DeLarge, who had the best reaction time during the time trials, would get the bye, or solo pass down the track for an automatic win. That left the rest of the drivers to fight it out on the first round.  And what many of us were seeing, over the course of the evening, is that as the temperatures cooled down, the cars were running slower, which is contrary to normal, as the temps cool, you usually run faster, which made choosing your dial a little tough!

This was not the night for trash cans........Jody Jensen had decided to order pizza for the gang and got in her truck to go get the pizza at the front gate, managed to run into one of the 55 gallon drums used for trash cans. No damage to the truck but that trash can was destined to be hit that night as a little later another racer not from our group, also managed to run into the same trash can!  We got a laugh out of that!


Rd 1
Clement DeLarge - Bye
Shelby Breckenridge vs Kevin Hartnett
Drew Mapes vs Clayton Jensen
Jamal Brewer vs Angie Brown

Semi Finals
Clement DeLarge vs Shelby Breckenridge
Drew Mapes vs Jamal Brewer

Clement DeLarge vs Drew Mapes

Congratulations to Drew Mapes on his first place finish and Clement DeLarge on his runner-up!

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