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Tim Burgess, President

Carl Mapes
Acting President

Shelby Breckenridge,

R1320 is a club of more than 200 members, with at least two things in common, the same employer in Tucson, AZ and a mutual interest in drag racing and cars.  Our vehicles of choice range from a turbo-charged inline 6-cylinder Falcon who has had multiple magazine articles published about it, to a brand new Shelby GT-500 Mustang

Next Race May 30th!


R1320 Race Report 21 March 2015

It was a day of wonder, joy and great weather.

Phil Rios' joy was being the number 1 qualifier with a perfect reaction time of .000.  Kelly McLearran’s turbo inline six cylinder, which was running in the 10's was a wonder and a joy to watch. The darn thing sounds like a jet fighter going down the track!  8 Racers showed up for the chance to go home with either the winner trophy or the runner-up trophy, and those that turned out for the R1320 event where rewarded with the culinary joy of  meatball sandwiches, drinks and chips provided by Clayton & Jody Jensen and Anthony & Gina Lopez. We are also proud to announce that Jamal Brewer didn't break a single part this race!

But after the burnouts, the tire smoke and 3 rounds of elimination it was Drew Mapes who took home the First Place trophy and Clayton Jensen won Runner-Up.

Round 1:
Phil Rios vs Kelly McLearran
Kevin Hartnett vs Clayton Jensen
Carl Mapes vs Anthony Lopez
Drew Mapes vs Jamal Brewer

Semi Finals:
Kelly McLearran vs Clayton Jensen
Carl Mapes vs Drew Mapes

Clayton Jensen vs Drew Mapes

Congratulations to the Winner Drew Mapes and Runner Up Clayton Jensen

Quarter Mile for a Cure Nov. 8, 2014

Every year, Will and Kelly McLearran host the Quarter Mile for a Cure to benefit the Susan G. Komen charity, and every year the R1320 Drag Racing Club participates in the charity "Gambler" race. A Gambler race is no more that a regular bracket race with the exception that you pay a fee to participate, and in the end the winner gets half the pot, the charity gets the other half.  This year was no different regarding our participation with McLearran Racing and the charity, but this year R1320 had such a good turnout, that 9 of the 21 participants were are R1320!  Not only were we the dominating team, we took it right to the end with our own, Clayton Jensen, coming in 2nd in the finals!  Congratulations Clayton!

We were really glad to see so many racers show up for this, the last R1320 race, especially since this is a charity event, and we contributed a full $180 to the charity ourselves!

Our champion team consisted of:
Jamal Brewer
Shelby and Patrick Breckenridge
Carl Mapes
Drew Mapes and girlfriend, Kristen
Angie Brown
Phil and Crystal Rios, daughter Tiffany and grandkids Mason and Logan
Kevin and Bonnie Hartnett with Mom, Renee and body guard, Hunter the dog.
Anthony and Gina Lopez
Clayton and Jody Jensen

The wind was a factor on Saturday as though it was pretty calm in town, out at the track it was howling!  Trying to keep a canopy tied down became a challenge! Tying it to a trailer with tires as weights, so that the easy up wouldn't blow away only marginally worked, as the canopy was still blowing and was dragging the tires along with it! At 9am it was 17.1 mph with gusts up to 22 mph with a temp of 64.2 F and a corrected altitude was 4054 ft. but by 2pm winds were at  20 mph with gusts up to 24 mph and the temp was 78.8 F with the corrected altitude was 5023 ft.

This made it difficult to estimate our dial in times for the elimination runs as there was a 2 hour wait from the last qualifying run to the actual first elimination run. Though the rule of thumb is adjust your dial times by .1 sec for every 1000 ft in elevation change, it's still a bit of a guessing game.

Going into the first round of Gambler, it was a random pairing, and R1320 racers, tried to avoid pairing up against each other, thinking it's more fun to race someone you haven't raced in the past, and that was right!

Six R1320 racers won the first round, Shelby Breckenridge, Jamal Brewer, Kevin Hartnett, Anthony Lopez, Carl Mapes and Clayton Jensen.
Four won the second round, Jamal Brewer, Carl Mapes, Anthony Lopez and Clayton Jenson, but only one won the third and fourth rounds, Clayton Jensen.  After the finals, we were so excited as we rushed back to the pits to congratulate Clayton on the 2nd place finish but he didn't show up and didn't show up....we were just getting ready to head to the end of the track to find him when his wife got a call.  Just as Clayton pulled off the track he blew a tranny hose and was stranded.  Next thing we know, here comes Clayton, in his scary fast GTO being towed by, no kidding, a golf cart!  He's never gonna live that one down!

On top of the fun we had for the race, we also had a racer who clocked her personal best E.T., Angie Brown with a 13.58 @ 99.96 mph!

Thanks to all who participated the event and congratulations to Phil Rios who is our overall points winner for the year!

2014 Final Points Standing: